What Do Shemales Use To Jack Off With?
Even the beautiful and stately TS Mariana Cordoba has to let off a little bit of steam from time to time. That is why she is jacking off her giant cock in this porn scene. There was no one around to give her a helping hand, so she decided to take care of herself.

And who can really blame her? If there isn't a hot guy, girl or fellow shemale to fuck her, then what is she supposed to do? Let her balls fill up with cum until they explode all down her leg? I don't think so. Not when she can pull out her cock and rub one out.

The only thing that I really question about this scene is her choice of material to jack off to. Instead of pulling up a porn site or maybe pull out a porn magazine, she pulls up a body builder competition on her television. It seems a bit weird to me but I guess everyone has their favorite thing to masturbate with.